Our Technology

 The vital sign data can be collected and viewed, real-time, from anywhere in the world with a user name and password when logged into the Global BioNetwork. Proof of concept took place in 2008. Since then, the company has been focused on advancing its patented smart mouth guard "TechGuard" with miniaturized

Hall Ryan Laboratories offers remote biosensors that can monitor most workers or athletes during dangerous activities and almost anywhere in the world. Pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and body temperature can be transmitted wirelessly, and without encumbering the wearer. 

Until Hall Ryan Laboratories developed the IM1 for ConocoPhillips in Kuparuk, Alaska in the summer of 2008, the only way to monitor a person's wellness in non-medical applications is demonstrated in this video from the 1950's.elecronics for ease of use and mass appeal. 


Hall Ryan Laboratories has a patented TechGuard sensor monitor, designed to monitor body temperature from the mucosa membrane in the athlete's mouth. The temperature sensor is mounted in the mouth guard and tethered to the helmet for wireless transmission to the sidelines. Alarms are triggered if any player's temperature exceeds a pre-set limit. This system is designed to prevent injuries and deaths caused by heat stress during the football season by allowing for the  sports team physician to monitor body temperature in real-time. Future versions of the TechGuard will eventuallly be useful in all sports where monitoring body temperature is important.

The Market

There have been no advancements in non-medical vital sign sensing technology since the 1950's; a person needs to be hooked up to wires on a treadmill if they need to know how they physiologically react to various activities in harsh environments. 




The IH1 was HRL's first product, developed in 2008.

This biosensor monitors oxygen saturation and pulse rate from the rim of a hard hat.

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