Mission Statement

Hall Ryan Laboratories Inc. (HRLabs) and Global BioNetwork are committed to providing state of the art technology in monitoring the vital signs of human activity in hazardous environments. HRLabs is developing technologies to monitor human vital signs through wireless transmission of a workers and/or athletes pulse, oxygen saturation, and body temperatures via proprietary technology. HRLab's patented biosensor technology will assist employers and school sports programs in addressing safety & health issues and all at reasonalbe prices. HRLabs patented thermal bio sensor technology will allow for improved monitoring of an athletes propensity for injuries due to heat stress. Current research will eventually provide affordable advances for the monitoring of deadly sport concussions as well. Through the unlimited online monitoring of employees and athletes, this life saving technology will add additional value in both productivity and lower risks. HRLabs's sensor systems will also help comply with OSHA regulations. The ultimate avoidance of injury, prevention of human loss and the ancillary benefit of increased profits will attribute to the worldwide acceptance of HRLabs technology. 

Projected value to HRLabs/GBN customers will include: 

  • Lower insurance costs 

  • Increased productivity 

  • Reduced medical expenditures 

  • Quicker response prevents injuries & possible deaths 

  • Better labor relations 

  • Less money spent for overtime benefits 

  • Better use of human resources 

  • Increased morale 

  • Government & OSHA compliance 

  • HRLabs archiving facilitates compliance with Fed. regulation CFR 1904 and is HIPPA compliant

Protecting people while engaged in hazardous work (or play) environments is in everyone's interest - our economy, community, and families.