The Global BioNetwork (GBN) was the world's first human vital sign monitoring cloud, launched in 2008. The GBN was developed as a proprietary web-based software system for monitoring remote biosensor systems without the need to install any software or additional hardware at end user facilities. The system is comprised of helmet sensors, transmitters, and an Intelligent Network Node (INN) to link the transmitters to our central servers at the Global BioNetwork (the GBN). Monitoring personnel can simply log into the GBN and view realtime streaming vital sign data and optional web cam videos of clients wearing the system. You will be able to provide your clients with a truly valuable monitoring feature that helps them comply with OSHA's demand for continuous monitoring of workers in hazardous environments.

Global BioNetwork

The GBN's servers collect the raw vital sign data over the Internet, from anywhere in the world, and then stream it directly to the end user's central monitoring stations.

The GBN's Central Servers compile data and generate summary reports based on your settings. You, the integrator, calibrate each sensor for each worker (or athlete) and then monitor the triggers for events. All that's required is any web-enabled device. The data is secure and sent in an encrypted format to protect the privacy of individual clients.

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